What i’ve learned from the book “Surrounded by idiots” by Thomas Erikson

Jeffrey Marvin Forones
4 min readMar 7, 2021


I was meticulous with this book because the title is really aggressive. Maybe being aggressive is a trend in a book now a days. Specially one of the famous book I’ve read is titled “The subtle art of not giving a F*ck” by Mark manson.

The initial context of the book is about four personalities and its categorized in four different colors.

These colors are RED, YELLOW, GREEN, and BLUE.

Each color represents a distinct behavior of a person. Knowing that the book says that a person commonly has two or more colors and it’s rare to have a single color.

As I’ve continued reading further and interestingly it surprised me. That I haven’t realized that each behavior has a different way for you to approach in order to have an effective communication. I mean the goal of the book is to familiarize each personalities so you don’t look like an idiot yourself that you assume that people will understand you with your intent.

Interestingly, these four colors are even categorized into two groups. RED and YELLOW are grouped as an extroverted personalities, and in contrast the GREEN and BLUE are introverted personalities.

Red is more on a driven personality, in which they are more direct to the point. Their virtue is more on focusing on what’s important their perspective and skip those things that are considered a “not necessary” for them.

Yellow personality is more like of a self centered person. Where they want all the attention a group. They are very lively, and they always sets the mood. They share interesting topics to a conversation that makes them warm in the crowd.

GREEN for me is considered as the implementor or follower in the group. They don’t wan’t to standout and they just listen and react when needed. They get anxious if they are in the main conversation. And they’re preferred to be left alone. They are very reserved and their energy are easily drained when they are in a crowd.

BLUE on the other hand has a similar aspect to GREEN. Where are reserved and reacts if necessary. They are structured and concise in which is opposite to RED. They love to follow the process and they believe that a great solution comes from a concrete action. They are critical thinker as well which means they are more on the NERDY side of a person.

If these colors are personified. RED is identical to a businessman. In which businessman are driven to their work and always thinking for an improvement to their company. I could say that Yellow is like an artist or entertainers, in which comedian for example always sets the mood in the crowd. They are creative and inventive of an idea.

Green on the other hand is not as driven like RED nor creative as YELLOW. But rather they are neutral in the group. But what is interesting is that Green always do their job if they are asked to so something. And they are a good listener as well. Though they are not opinionated specially with regards to a pressured environment such as office setup.

And lastly BLUE is considered as the professor in the group. In which they are knowledge driven and process oriented. They like order and making an effective solution. It’s an opposite to a RED where they don’t care on the process and if the solution is the best or not, as long as the problem is solved.

I like what the writing in this book, It’s simple, and straight forward. Although I could not say that the described content are new. But still its a good reminder that there are a lot of things that are considered but not thoroughly understood.

Who is this book for?

I can recommend this book for those who wants to be a good public speaker or to just have a good conversation with their co workers or friends. For the book portrays that understanding your audience who listens to your thoughts are also essential in order to have an effective communication.

Hopefully you had a good day on reading my thoughts about this book.



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